Monday, January 27, 2014

Your eyes enjoy seeing what your soul loves

There are so many great memories this life is all about. All these moments have to be captured, otherwise is simply difficult to remember them all like they really were. Photography comes as a big help for all of us, to keep a record of our past, just like it was.  If there were no New York photographers back in 1932, taking pictures of how the skyscrapers were built, we would have no idea that in those times, the construction workers could take the lunch on the 69th floor of the RCA building, sitting on a girder, with no safety harness.

Yes, I’m talking about the famous picture called “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”. Photography is an amazing process, which captures moments and makes them everlasting. This art today is surely different and it is not the way it was in 1932. Like everything else, it evolves, the cameras have evolved, the way we think has changed. The gadgets are a big part of our life today and basically every gadget has a camera. It is simply interesting for us to take pictures of everything we want and share them with many other people.

Today we have the possibility to make photo effects, to add color, to change the lights and simply to play with pictures the way we like.  As it is said in the beginning there are too many great moments, our life brings to us everyday and it is a pity to not take pictures of what makes us smile. After years and experiences every person would love to look back and would try to relive something again.

That something can be a wedding, a birthday, the son’s first steps or just a silly dance under tequila influence. Anything that makes you laugh today, can be easily immortalized so you get the chance to feel the same emotions you had back when the picture was taken. Your eyes enjoy seeing what your soul loves. All the time you see a beautiful person, smiling in a photo, you instantly get to like this person. It seems like you know this guy so well, only after looking at the picture.

 It all can be a lie but still you liked what you saw. And that moment when you see a picture of some grilled shrimps you have always loved, you instantly start thinking about having it for dinner. That is why we keep doing pictures, we keep looking at them and moreover that is why we adore photography. comments


Ria C said...

If you'll ask me, I prefer the olden times when it was just a flash and a camera and your backdrop is a piece of rolled cloth or paper in various colors as props.

Aren't the photos of our parents and grandparents more beautiful than the ones we have these days because theirs are raw beauty, fine and exquisite. This modern age and time, you don't know which one is real or photoshopped.

Fernando Lachica said...

Enjoy life using your eyes because love comes from it.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Without the eyes, appreciating the physical beauty is impossible.

Marie said...

I agree with Ria. Old photos are beautiful! I remember those days when I have to really pick the best angle and the most perfect pose because I only have 36 shots on the film :) And you won't even see how it turned out until you get them for the studio

Riza Acebuche said...

There is a saying that eye is the window to your soul.

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