Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Business Launching - Cocktail Dress Hunting

Few years back, I posted in my other blog how hesitant I was on attending a party because they require the guests to wear cocktail dresses. I've never worn a cocktail dress before that, and I am not that confident as well. I went to the party because I got the perfect cocktail dress from http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Cocktail-Dresses-17178/.

Never have I imagined that one day I will be hosting my own party, for my own business. For that, I thank God for every blessings that has come my way. Now, I am hunting for an elegant cocktail dress for my business launching party.

Pretty Column Mini-Length Straps Cocktail Dress

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Outfit for Lazy Days

I admit, there are days I feel unproductive. I feel too lazy to do anything, especially during PMS season (every month). So during those times, I don't like to dress up. If only I could, I would just stay in my room all day long.

My usual outfit during these times, is an oversized t-shirt and my high school P.E. pants. I'm surprised it still fits me despite all the weight I have gain. If you're lucky, you might also spot me being unmotivated to even comb my hair and wash my face. LOL. I'm embracing my weirdness here!

I've always wanted a new pants for special days like this. Something I can be comfortable with and also something I can also wear whenever I feel like going out for a walk or run. Something that will motivate me to keep it moving even though it's quite challenging in times like I mentioned above. 

So, I browsed around Pinterest and here are some stuff I'd like to have. 


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Red Prom Dresses for 2015

Can't believe one of my sisters will be having her first ever prom experience next year. I am so excited for her. Now, we have a tiny problem. We have to look for a perfect prom dress for her ahead of time. She asks me to help her find a hot color prom dresses to wear on a party.

I think the Boutique Sweetheart Beading Zipper-up Short Prom Dress is just the right one for my sister. She's tall and have exactly the same body type like the model above. Now, the quest for the perfect shoes for this dress is up.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fabulous Dresses for an Evening Party

When I was in high school, I've always dreamed of wearing fabulous dresses for an evening party or any events. I admire those ladies who can carry an elegant dress effortlessly, and to be honest I imagine myself to be that kind of lady.

One of these days I will be able to wear an evening dress, finally! If things go well, my dream business will soon launch and of course, there will be a launching party; an evening one to be exact. I am already planning what to wear on that very particular event, a highlight of my life and career. I want it to be fabulous and memorable.

So, I am already planning how the party should turn out. Invitations are in the making and a lot more party preparations are going on back doors. And of course, not to forget, I need to have at least three dresses to choose from.Good thing I found my way to a great website where they offer fabulous dresses to wear to an evening party with reasonable prices. http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Evening-Dresses-14354/ So, here are my top three:

Fashionable One-Shoulder Lace Beading Split Front Long Evening Dress

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beautiful Vintage Styled Wedding Dresses

So many couples are getting married before this year ends and some are scheduled early next year. Actually, one of my friend is tying the knot this December and she still don't have her 'ideal' wedding dress and I offered to help her even though I don't really have an idea what to do first and where to start looking for her ideal wedding dress.

According to her, the ideal wedding dress (for her) is simple, elegant and somewhat vintage. Also, she doesn't want to spend more than $500 just for a wedding dress that she will wear only once. I told her, why not rent? She doesn't want to rent a dress on her special day.

So, last night, I stayed up late to search online for her wedding dress. Thankfully, I found Weddingshe. They don't only have beautiful and affordable wedding dresses, but they also have vintage ones.

Here are my top two favorites from them:

Sexy Trumpet Off the Shoulder Applique Chapel Train Wedding Dress

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