Friday, July 5, 2013

Amaze with Your Gaze

Our eyes give us away, so we'll just 'fess up. Too many of us overlook eye shadow. Don't let color confusion hold you back from beauty. You can do no wrong! Eye shadow is really just an extension of your personality, so accessorize your eyes with expressive style. Rich, earthy shades show them how grounded you are. A stroke of green exposes your romantic streak. Don't save your feelings for a powwow with the girls. Lift your lids and prepare for the stares.


  Do you want bold drama or are you steering to a slightly smoky, subtle eye style? Choose your look, then find the shades to get you there. Don't be overwhelmed by all the color possibilities. You can wear almost any shade if you know how to apply it.

There's a handy rule you can follow for surefire shadow success: light shades emphasize while dark shades minimize. If you're new to eye makeup, ease into eye shadow with one neutral shade over your entire lid or try a neutral duo with one light shade for your lid and one dark shade to contour.


Here are some simple steps for creating the loveliest lids. To define and enhance the shape of your eye, you'll need a combination of light, medium and dark eye shadows.

  1. SET THE TONE - Glide the applicator across the medium shade of your eye shadow palette. Beginning with the inner corner and working outward, apply shadow to your eyelid staying below the crease of your eye.
  2. CREATE CONTOUR - Apply the darker shade to your crease, starting in the middle of your lid and working outward. Be sure to blend well.
  3. BRIGHTEN UP - Sweep the lightest shade along your brow bone to highlight eyes.
  4. DEFINE - Apply te darkest shade to the outer corner and lower lash line. Blend in all of the shade for the most beautiful combination of color


roviedear said...

im not a pro in eyeshadow application, bur i love smokey eyes! sometimes i wear that makeup on parties and even for work :P

luvnat said...

I'm not good at applying make-up.. this tips would somehow help me practice in putting eye shadow :D

luvnat said...

I'm not good at applying make-up.. this tips would somehow help me practice in putting eye shadow :D

Chubskulit Rose said...

Gee, I wish I know how to put even a simple makeup.. That's a beautiful shadow..

papaleng said...

I don't care if a girl applies eyes shadow so long that she is the owner of a nice smile.

Ron said...

gorgeous smoky eyes. i don't know a lot of things about make up obviously but my wife does and she is amazed. :)

cheers for sharing! :)

Ima Vee said...

raven na raven ang dating.. looks fierce and sexy...

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