Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor

Growing up in a country where shaving (for the ladies) isn't really a big deal (until recently), I didn't give much attention to my hairy parts, especially my legs and underarms. I started shaving my underarms though when I was in high school because I can't raise my hands with these unwanted hairs in there and it is so awkward. But, not my legs. I always get scared to even think of shaving my legs because my mom always told me not touch it because if I ever shave it, it'll just get thick, so I didn't try and just let the whole world see my freaking hairy legs.

Before and after... look at that scary hairy legs of mine! >.<

I did hesitated whether to not shave my legs or to shave it. The latter thought wins. The hairy legs has affected my self-esteem, big time! I can't wear shorts anymore, that's why I decided to say goodbye to them so I can say hello to my shorts again. :)

As I expected, my mom freaked out when she saw my bare legs.. She told me that I'll regret it. I told her, I won't be lazy anymore and shave these legs regularly. My mom is a stage mom not only to me, but to all of us. I love the attention she's giving in every detail of my body, but sometimes it's irritating.

Okay, let's get down with the razor. Hahahaha! Here's how it looks like:

The first time I looked at it, I know that I'm already in love. It doesn't look like my normal razor. Hahaha. By the way, it comes with two cartridges of blades.

The Good
The fact that it is a 5-blade razor is way too good for me. It has a touch of aloe, which I can say that I feel it when I shaved. It says in their packaging that you'll feel less of irritation, even if you have a sensitive skin. And indeed, it is true. I feel less irritated.

I tend to forget things easily. Especially the little details, like where I put my stuffs and often, I forgot where I put my razor. It is another plus for them that the package comes with a shower hook.

The Bad
I think the only bad about this Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor is that the shower hook won't stick even if I put all my strength in it. It just won't stick in the wall. :(

The Lovely
Oh, I bet you have an idea what's the lovely in here. For me, it is that it gave me soft and smooth finish. I love my skin now more than ever. I didn't even think that I'll ever feel this way when it comes to my skin.

I thought it was just me, but after all it really was my razor. I think I have found the one for me.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. comments


Joy said...

the only problem i have using razors is that of chicken skin so i prefer brazilian wax instead hehe

Fernando Lachica said...

Nice product for your legs and for other ladies who shaved their legs. Ladies should shaved their underarm, it's a must.

nova hedges said...

totally can see the difference from the before and after, seems like it gives you a smoother and softer skin.

mhie@smarkydew said...

I am happy I don't have a hairy legs so I don't shave at all. Once you started shaving you have to maintain it.

fallenrhainnes said...

glad that i don't have to worry with unwanted hairs on my legs, they just don't thrive there :) and on underarms just do it regulalry.

Chubskulit Rose said...

It's nice that you found the right product to shave your legs.

betchai said...

i was one of those who regretted shaving my legs, i had perfectly fine hair before, very fine one could hardly see them, but sadly, a friend convinced me that ladies should have no hair at all on their legs, not even those very fine ones that could hardly be seen, and young as I was ( high school), I followed suit the ritual, until, it ended up like what your mom said, now, it's a point of no return, I had to shave my legs regularly. :( I love my thighs though, since I did not shave it, it looks so much smoother.

Juliana said...

That's one neat gadget. I'm sure you'll like it going forward and continue to use it. You wouldn't want to go back to the hairy leg di ba?

Bjorn Bernales said...

I am a hairy person because of my blood line and razor has been a constant necessity for me.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

nice! i haven't tried this one before! I go to strip KL for monthly wax of my legs, and my you know. hehe ncie to see it looks goods and the results is really nice

Jessica Cassidy said...

Yay! finally the hairy legs are gone :-) your legs look smooth Sis Marie :-) Just shave it every time you take a shower or when it needs it
:-) I like that razor too :-)

Lainy said...

Good on you, Marie! Now you can show off your legs by sporting your mini skirts and shorts via your OOTD posts ;-)

Lainy said...

Hi Marie!

I am coming back here to thank you for all your comments on some of my posts. I was able to approve them only now. I had them filtered from my spam folder.

Thanks for the nice and sweet comments. Your time is precious I know and I truly appreciate you swinging by despite your heavy schedule.

Take care always! Mwah!

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