Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A BONNÉ White Spa Triple Set

Am I just lucky or what? I can't help but smile while thinking how generous people around me can get. Been receiving loads of gifts recently even though it is not my birthday. I guess they are just making it up to me since they weren't able to give me a gift on my birthday. Well, whatever the reason is, I can only say that I am so thankful to have them around me, with or without the gift.

Just today (April 8, 2013), a friend of mine came to my room without knocking (he usually do that) and handed me a little bag. I was surprised what it was and I even asked him jokingly if it's for a barter and he make a face on me and said "kung ayaw mo di wag. Ibibigay ko na lang 'to sa pinsan mo." (If you don't want it, then fine. I'll just give it to your cousin then.) then I hurriedly grab the little bag and opened it. And here's what is inside:

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