Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shorter Hair

Jeez! Its Summer, baby and the weather is really really hot. That's why I decided to get my hair done. And by that, I mean, to get a shorter hair. I've been debating and arguing with my Dad to permit me do such thing to my hair. He really does want us girls (in the family) have long hair.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Leggings + Shorts

I did some experiments on my attire these past few days. Gosh! I'm so not used to get people's attention. They can just think two thing; they appreciate my attire and they're laughing at me in their minds.

Whatever! Here is what I wore yesterday:

Pwede na ba? HAHA! I was trying to pose indifferently from the poses I did before. I really can't do Laureen Uy's style. HAHAHA! She's just too amazing and very camera-friendly appearance.

Well, I just wore one simple blouse that I got for 80 Pesos. Yes, no brand at all. I owned the leggings for 2 years already and just had the chance to wore it yesterday and I put one of my shortest shorts for less embarrassment. comments
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