Saturday, January 26, 2013

MABA Creations Jewels

Going out for working, for shopping or for a special evening is an usual gesture for every woman, a typical accent of our society: but is up to everyone to choose if stay anonymous or to be different and express through details and actions, touches of his own personality.

Maria Basso, since ever, has gone through this way with determination, refining love for beauty and for details, thanks to her 20 years job in cosmetic and well- being field. During this period she has invented for fun her first jewels and now she has founded MaBaCreations, a consolidated company, where her inspiration hasn't got any stop.

Her necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings are all handmade with high quality materials, each one different from the other, such as is different life of people that wear her jewels. Women choose jewels according to their mood and inspiration of the moment.

All the creations are Made in Italy with the Italian taste and design, and since the artist lives in Genoa near by the Ligurian sea and the Portofino village, are also inspired by this glamorous places.

 MaBaCreations jewels are not an anonymous item manufactured by an equipment, but are the fruits of Maria Basso work that takes origin from her heart and her hands and the expression of her soul.

 The shades of MaBaCreations jewels are not simply colors, but are the expression of Italy: the blue of Ligurian Sea, the green of Portofino's promontory and the red of a magnificent sunset by the sea...

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Those are very unique and stylish!

Rcel said...

Those are beautiful creations. So unique! I bet every fashionista out there will love these!

papaleng said...

Wow! ayos yang mga bling-bling. Wala lang akong nakita na birthstone ko. Wondering kung ano birth stone ko bunso... Adobe..

Ron-dezvous said...

cool designs.. my love will surely love em... will tell her aboutthis post.. :)

thanks for sharing! :))

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