Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Red Lipstick Experiment

I'm sick! Probably because I played in the rain yesterday with my sibling. Even though I'm sick, I tried to apply lipstick and I think it failed!

On my face are Xtreme Shine of EB Lip Colour, white metallic eyeshadow of Body Collection Classic Makeup Compendium, EB Advance High Definition Waterproof Mascara, Careline Pimple Concealer, EB Advance Perfect Eye Concealer and blush on is from Body Collection Classic Makeup Compendium also.

What I like here is the Xtreme Shine of EB Lip Colour because its really red and the smell is strawberry. I have a big lips and this lippie makes it small.

Was it a fail or not?
Next time, if I'm not sick I will play again with my make-up kits. I hope by that time it is much better than this.

EB Lip Colour: Xtreme Shine
Sorry for the low quality of the last picture. I just used the camera of my computer! comments

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