Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Being sexy and confident means you are a stunner. Just like Miley Cyrus! Her fashion statements are quite simple but also quite sexy. Isn't it? Any outfits she wears really fits her. I mean, even the simpliest clothes she wear makes standout. Whether with or without make-up, she's a real beauty and sexy.

 Miley can rock just even a simple sweater, jeans and a pair of boots. In your own opinions or views, how'd you like to call Miley's fashion statements? 
I think I should really study more about fashion these days. I need to learn how to judge some fashion statements of few celebrities and for myself too. I totally suck at these but, at least I'm trying my best and it's a stepping stone. 

This one is one of my favorite Miley's get up:

That hair is totally gorgeous plus the boots match together. That see-through top and with the perfect legs. Stunner! I wonder if I could get that look. Ambisyosa much, eh?

1 comment: said...

she is becoming always more rockes inside and outside
have a nice and stylish weekend darling
The Dolls Factory

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