Saturday, December 3, 2011

EB ADVANCE Shine Free Make-up Foundation - Natural (Review)

This post will be my review for EB ADVANCE Shine Free Make-up Foundation with UVA/UVB Protection.

Price: Around Php95 - 130 ($2 - $3)

What it claims: It provides a sheer, smooth finish, even coverage and help moisturizes the skin. It provides coverage that lasts longer than ever before. It is formulated with broad spectrum UVA/UVB Sunscreen Protection to promote healthy skin while protecting against dryness and sun damage. Skin remains smoother, shine-free all day long.


It comes in a tube with a cap. Its packaging keeps it hygienic (for me) in the long run and the cap ensures the product is not wasted when its inside your handbag or purse. It fits for those who have whiter skin tone.


    What I hate about this, is that when you squeeze the tube just even softly and smoothly yet it produces lots of cream. When trying to put it back to the tube, it will just mess up.

When I applied it on my face, I sure do look like I was been in a flour factory. It is totally a big fail that I choose the NATURAL shade, it would be better if I have chosen the SOFT BISQUE because, it will surely fit my skin tone.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

So yea, have you ever use this make-up foundation? comments


Fernando Lachica said...

Natural shades looks cool and vibrant.

Anne Mary said...

I haven't used any similar to that before. I am just into pressed powder. But maybe you'll just squeezed a little so it will not mess up.

nova hedges said...

One thing I don't like in makeup is wearing a foundation, although there are more lighter and feels nothing still i don't like wearing one..just feels like too heavy on my face.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Sounds like nice products to try.

Tingting R. said...

I do not use make-up foundation. But would love to try some, if it is really good.

papaleng said...

An honest review and though the product seems okay, yet, My wife will not use one kasi she hates messy things.

Gene said...

I honestly don't like tube application like that, especially for malabnaw products, a lot of products are going to waste. It's okay maybe if it's a scrub, toothpaste or conditioner.

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