Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Touch of Blue in One Cold Night

From the past few days, my mom is the one always buy new clothes for me. Well, I must say, she has a nice taste. But, what I hate about her style is, she always buy those "showy" clothes. I hate to show some skin, but then, its part of the transformation I want, so, I have no choice but to accept and wear it.

The blue top I'm wearing on the picture above is one of the tops my mom bought for me and that khaki short is one of the gifts given to me bu my auntie on my birthday last year. I totally can't believe that I rock the outfit. HAHAHA!

I went out with my cousins to witness the Christmas Tree Lighting in my place and surprisingly, I had the guts to wear short shorts going out and that blue backless top. Brave me, eh?

Well, that's just a stepping stone for me. I hope I still have the guts to wear such clothes. LOL! comments


papaleng said...

another good entry, ganda naman legs mo..LOL

chrisair said...

go go go lang ako nga my stretch mark pa sa likod ng knee but I still wear short

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