Sunday, December 4, 2016

For The Best Girls in My Life

Christmas season is finally here! This year, I am extra thankful because me and my best friend, Grace, reconnected after eleven long years. We’re both very thankful for Facebook and the internet because of these, we were able to find each other again.

Since Christmas day is just around the corner, I’ve thought of giving my best friend a gift. I was looking for chic and fabulous cute dresses that I'm sure will suite her personality just fine.

…and I found this Hooded Drawstring Kangaroo Pocket Striped Bodycon Dress and it is just perfect for my best friend! I can’t wait to see her wearing it.

And for the other girl I am really thankful for... my cousin Riza.

Riza is a cousin that I share the same birthday with and she’s very special to me because she’s been with me through ups and downs. A little background about my cousin; she’s a plus size and I think she’s really looks fine and hella sexy, even though she thinks otherwise.

As I have noticed, she’s into elegant and sexy plus size clothing lately. As a sign of my gratitude for her, I am giving her this Surplice Bowknot Plain Plus Size Flared Dress which I know will be perfect for her. It’ll show off her curves and for sure once she have it on, it will leave her man wanting her even more! ;) Plus, this color really suites her!

This Christmas season, don’t forget to make the people around you to feel special. Make them feel that they matter, they are appreciated for everything they do for you. Do something for them, buy them something, cook them something… anything. It’s really the thought that counts. J comments

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