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Be Fit While in a Diet with Carbs

Love carbs? Hate fats? No problem. With this breakthrough yet easy to follow diet, you may never have to be carbophobic again.

You want to be fit and healthy, but you're reluctant to give up certain food since you feel like you're depriving yourself of what you love to eat. Carbohydrate-filled food are usually left out on diet plans due to the prevalent notion that they're fattening. The thing is, this is partly true, but a lot would agree that it's so hard to get that craving for carbs out of one's system.

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At some point, you may have found yourself skipping the bread, rice, pasta, or dessert for fear of gaining weight, ending up with a less-than-satisfying dining experience. Frankly speaking, depriving yourself this way could just make you binge later on.


Don't you just wish you could eat anything you want and not have that bulging tummy issue after? Here's good news: The CarbLovers Diet by Health magazine editors Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth, RD states that based on a groundbreaking research by scientists at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for Human Nutrition in Denver and a team of international researchers, carb-filled food (the right ones) will not make us fat, but actually thin.

They discovered that, in a multicenter study of 4,451 people, the slimmest people ate the most carbs (in the form of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables) and the chubbiest people ate the fewest carbs.

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"A diet rich in carbs is the best way to get and stay slim" was the controversial statement on The CarbLovers Diet which many were skeptical about. But the authors of the said book firmly believe that the solution to staying fit for life lies in eating the right carbs, specifically those which contain the so-called Resistant Starch found naturally in whole grains, potatoes, beans, and some fruits.

According to the book, carb-rich food contain two types of starch; the high-glycemic starch like sugar which gets absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and the Resistant Starch which "produces fatty acids that trigger weight loss by turning on enzymes that melt fat, especially in the abdominal area, encouraging your liver to switch to a fat-burning state and boosting satiety hormones that make you get and stay full longer."


With such good news it brings, The CarbLovers Diet stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for nine weeks, with successful spin-off of apps and The CarbLovers Pocket Guide. And since the authors also enjoyed a steady stream of good feedback, they came up with another treat: The CarbLovers Diet Cookbook for Php. 1,095

With 150 delicious recipes that will "make you slim... for like," the book proudly claims that you can "lose weight and keep it off by cooking-and enjoying-the food you love!" Do keep in mind, however, that it doesn't give you the license to eat any carb-filled food, as it isn't about junk food, although it allows one to have daily indulgences like chocolate.

The CarbLovers Recipe collection is divided into breakfast; soups and sandwiches; pasta and pizza; seafood, meat  and poultry; sides and salads; appetizers and cocktails; and desserts. It likewise features recipes by star chefs plus ideas for party and holiday menus. In a nutshell, the recipes are easy, practical, and carb-loaded. Each recipe comes with calorie, fat, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrate, sugar, fiber, Resistant Starch, and sodium counts.

To allow one to transition smoothly, the diet has the 7-Day CarbLovers Kick-Start (Phase 1), wherein you're said to immediately shed six pounds and reduce belly bloat without feeling dull and lifeless. In the book, it said the the "menus were carefully designed to satisfy your cravings for brain-and body-nourishing nutrients that keep you feeling full, while clocking in at 1,200 calories a day. The 7-Day CarbLovers Kick-Start Meal Plan purposely includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack. You must stick to this pattern in order to maintain your energy and keep hunger at bay."

After which, move on to the 21-Day Carb-Immersion Plan (Phase 2) aimed at making you go back to your eating habits before your carb-deprivation days. It features bigger portions, more snacks, and more indulgent meals as you eat about 1,600 calories a day. "Your goal for the next three weeks is to lose about two pounds a week. By the end of Phase 2, many dieters will have lost 12 pounds or even more. If you still have more weight to lose, stick with the plan, returning to Phase 1 of you start to gain again," the book further stated.

To ensure efficiency, the authors have provided readers with easy-to-follow eating rules, daily menus, grocery lists, recipes, quick bites, frozen food, and restaurant menu items. Must-try savory recipes featured include Chicken Cacciatore with Rigatoni, Grilled Flank Steak Fajitas, and Roast Beef Tenderloin with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, among many others. Bonus recipes by star chefs are also worth a try in the kitchen: Wolfgang Puck's Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Cat Cora's Prosciutto, Pear, and Blue Cheese Sushi, Michael Chiarello's Fusilli Michelangelo with Roasted Chicken, and Guy Fieri's Spinach-Tomato Pasta Shells. comments


Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh that abs, I wish I could have one like that!

yannie said...

"The Carblovers Diet" is interesting. I wanna go on diet but i just can't give-up rice. Hope there is a recipe in that book that calls for rice.

Anyway, I think proper diet always matters when you want to go on diet.

Rcel said...

This kind of diet regimen is definitely for me. However, I never look at the labels of the foods that I am consuming to count the calories in it. No, I don't have time on it! Lol. That's why now, I am slowly gaining the weight back that I lost over the summer. It is definitely a disappointment! Lol.

Cherry said...

absssssss! bakit wala kami niyan? hahaha! been helping the hubby prepare a healthier diet plan. :)

mhie@smarlk said...

I wish I have that kind of body but am so lazy to go in gym.

Jonas Labagala said...

This is actually a great news! I love eating especially pasta, pizza, veggies, desserts and I'm planning to work my body out soon and this could me lose weight even more! Thanks for this! :D

Algene May C. said...

I am currently attending some yoga and pilates classes to keep up with my weight goal. Lol I also do cardio but have been lessening my intake for carbs!

ems said...

I get fat easily when I get too much carbs. But since I started a healthy eating habit, losing fat is so easy without worrying about weight gain. You can also replace white breads with pure wheat breads if you like carbs so much. So there's really nothing to worry about.

lencilicious said...

I believe it always boils down to the portion of the meal you are going to have. I love eating carbo but I'm very careful to how much will I take in.

nova hedges said...

I've heard and read so much about whole grain instead, i have no problem with fruits and veggies, but whole grain i sometimes forget, i guess now it the best time for me to slow my eating down.

Verns said...

How can they be so lean ... I can't go on a diet, I'll die of hunger.. hahaha... I think I just have to find other ways to slim down :)

papaleng said...

Just asking. Bakit marami pa ring mataba when slimming diet programs flood the internet/ My say.. it takfe discipline kasi to attain a healthy diet. Second, I believe taking anything in moderation is fine.

 gmirage said...

Sometimes you just get confused at what's working and what's not...haayysss, been into protein than carbs...but one way to go is really get lots of fluid to reduce weight! :D

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