Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lightweight Shoes for Summer

What's a lightweight shoe that I can bring anywhere for my summer trip, especially in beaches? Something dressier than just flip-flops, but also want the type of shoe that can get wet?

Sometimes, we want to wear something more dressed up than just rubber slippers when we are in the beach. We can still stick to those made of rubber, since it's much better to have a pair that we can walk on the shore without worrying about destroying our shoes, but in more creative styles and brighter colors!

Choose an open-toe sandal in an eye-catching hue to serve as an accent to your outfit, or in a light metallic color that easily goes with anything. If you want to go for height during your summer nights, choose a rubber wedge in a more neutral color. We all taking off our shoes on the beach to feel the sand on our toes, so just like with your flip-flops, remind yourself to not lose them!

RUBBER LOVIN' (all by Melissa)

  • Star sandal in gold and white = P2,895 ($68 - $69)
  • Love sandal in blue and pink = P3,895 ($91 - $92) 

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