Friday, February 21, 2014

Some facts if you are into Online Shopping

Two years ago, I started to shop online. I can still remember my first online purchase! It was an ankle-strap sandal from eBay PH.

I didn't know at first that I needed a debit or credit card to purchase. By the way, I used my PayPal to pay for it but it is required that your PayPal should be verified. So, I have no choice but to get a debit card. It took so long before I get to hold my own debit card and my purchase was put on hold. 

So, it is really handy to do your search first for some facts if you want to try online shopping for the first time. It could save helluva lot of time. And if you feel that you're ready to hit the online shopping world, then go! :) I must say that online shopping is very addicting. It took lots of self-control to stop myself from browsing online shops. hahaha! :) 


jo said...

I agree! Online shopping is really addictive. I love Amazon and eBay and I think was a part of that survey! ROFL! You just can't help the markdowns and deals. Though I thought Amazon is more expensive than Target and Walmart and sometimes they advertised higher price so it would look like you get a lot of discounts (Just like what Macy's and maybe everyone does). Beware of that too. ;D

nova hedges said...

sometimes, i shop online as its more convenient for me while in the store ending up watching my son and get nothing... though there will be more sales in store than online too. also one thing i always rest assure while shopping online is the advantage of a free shipping.

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