Friday, November 15, 2013

Vintage Pattern Leisure Handbag

Hi beauties! I am so happy that yesterday, I got a call from the post office in my area notifying me that I have a package from Hong Kong. I can't hold my excitement and I immediately asked if how many package has arrived for me since I am waiting for three different parcels from Hong Kong. But, the lady on the phone said I only have one. I immediately asked how much do I have to pay for the customs and she answered Php. 201.00


This one is from PersunMall. They offered me free points last month and I willingly accepted it. After getting the points, I immediately browse around in their website and I found two items that caught my attention.

What's inside the package, you ask? It's a dress and a handbag. So, in this post I'll show you the vintage pattern handbag.

Hope you'll like it as much as I did! :)

I am so happy to have this bag because, after a year of having the orange bag that I bought last year, I gave it to my Mommy (my mother's sister) and I have been bag-less for the entire year. LOL.

Here's how the inside of this vintage pattern leisure bag looks like....

It's not that spacious, but I think it's just enough for me. I finally have something where I can put my Samsung tablet whenever I go out. You know how much hassle it is to carry a 10.1 android tablet around, right? Tsk!

My char-char stuffs! :D
And here's how it looks like when I wear it....

I'm so inlove with it already! :) And please excuse the messy background... I can't go out and take a decent photo since there's no one to take the photos for me. They are just self-timer shots inside my room. LOL.

This Vintage Pattern Leisure Handbag costs $29.99 only. Do check it out!

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Chubskulit Rose said...

How nice, love the color and the design!

nova hedges said...

Very unique and love the stylish purse you have there. Very nice i love the color as well.

jo-anne said...

I love the color and design. I also love that you can put lots of things inside. A must for a mom like me.

Dhemz said...

That's really neat! I love the color and the it's convertible!

papaleng said...

Bagay pala sa mga chubby ang bag na yan.. Just kidding but that's a cute bag you have there bunso.

raine said...

bag looks pretty! love vintage stuffs also :-)

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