Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kim Chiu Looking Gorgeous in the Star Magic Ball 2012

My very favorite Chinita Princess; Kim Chiu is looking so gorgeous in this year's Star Magic Ball. She's wearing a dress designed by Ed Wintan and T. Florencio Jewelry.

Kim Chiu's outfit in Star Magic Ball 2012
Doesn't she look gorgeous in that dress? God! Only a blind guy can't notice the charm of this chinita princess. So gorgeous! I'm running out of words to describe her.

She also have this very elegant purse to be paired with her dress and sparkling jewelries:
Plus, the killer shoes:
And of course, our chinita princess with her leading man; Xian Lim!!!
The very handsome Xian Lim and very gorgeous Kim Chiu in Star Magic Ball 2012
The very handsome Xian Lim and very gorgeous Kim Chiu
I can't wait to raid the magazine stands just to buy StarStudio magazine and look at all the elegant and sexy dresses of all the Star Magic celebrities. I'm so looking forward!

And anyway... It's been my yearly practice to always look for Kim Chiu's outfit for Star Magic Ball every year. And every year, she look like getting a year younger. So beautiful and elegant! :)

 I'm just a fan of hers since her PBB days and up until now... I'm still her fan! :)

And oh, Kim Chiu trended worldwide in Twitter tonight.

*Photo credits: Kim Chiu's FB fan page. comments


KM said...

Sayang naman ang mataray na shoes kasi hindi kita sa ilalim ng gown :D

chrisair said...

wow stunning glad you retrieve your blog

betchai said...

she is indeed looking like a princess in that elegant dress matched with elegant purse, shoes and earrings.

ma.emely vercide said...

I'm so proud of her. She indeed made a mark in the showbiz industry! Cebuanas really shine!

papaleng said...

Sino siya? LOL she looks like a princess nya, pero mas ganda ako sa kanya noong simple lang siya. I don't know if the rumors are true, marami na raw niretoke sa kanya. hope this isn't true.

Marriage and Beyond said...

She looks fab! I follow her on Instagram too. :)

Lainy said...

Drop dead gorgeous! But yeah. KM is right. Would be been more fab if the killer shoes was visible with that dress :-) Still stunning nonetheless.

My Little Home said...

Super killer shoes... the gown should have a little shorter so everyone can see it. Ang ganda eh

DarKScoRpioN said...

Kim Chiu absolutely rocks. She has my vote for being the best actress in Philippines. Absolutely adore that cute smile she has. =)

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