Thursday, March 29, 2012

Short Shorts for Php150

The main purpose of this blog is to cover the changes I'll be doing for myself. I'm proud to say that since I started this blog, a few changes has happened to me and I'm pretty sure I gained some confidence!

So, the latest trends in my closet these days are short shorts. I really don't wear short shorts before but I told myself I should at least try... and I when I have tried it, I liked it very much! :)

My Mama bought 3 short shorts for 150 Pesos each, 2 weeks ago and I must say that my Mama could be in-charge of my wardrobe. LOL!

The three photos aren't intentional. They are all stolen shots from my escapades last week. I'm wearing my latest favorite short shorts in the last photo above.

I may not have the perfect-est, whitest legs... but, at least, I have the confidence to wear it!


1 comment:

SittieCates said...

Nice photos, Bunso. Cool shorts. Suits you well. ;-) And I also like how you have written this post. Definitely improving! Keep it up! ;-)

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