Thursday, February 23, 2012

Short Prom Dresses

Photo Credits: rainbowswirls
Prom is one of the unforgettable events in our high school lives, right? Especially to us; girls. No wonder why some of us spend a lot of $$$$$$ just for this one unforgettable event of our time.

For me, since I didn't have the chance to attend both of my junior and senior prom, I just helped my cousins now to choose the dresses that really look sexy yet elegant.

The picture of above shows one of our prospects to get for them. The shoes should match with the dress, either in design or color to make the whole outfit amazing.

If only I could fly back to time... *sigh* comments


chrisair said...

I just love the shoes

prom Drese said...

Love the purple dress and shoes.

We don't have the Prom quite the same as in the UK. Just starting to take off though.

See UK equivalent of the American Prom

Stacy said...

Really a nice collection
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