Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Business Launching - Cocktail Dress Hunting

Few years back, I posted in my other blog how hesitant I was on attending a party because they require the guests to wear cocktail dresses. I've never worn a cocktail dress before that, and I am not that confident as well. I went to the party because I got the perfect cocktail dress from http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Cocktail-Dresses-17178/.

Never have I imagined that one day I will be hosting my own party, for my own business. For that, I thank God for every blessings that has come my way. Now, I am hunting for an elegant cocktail dress for my business launching party.

Pretty Column Mini-Length Straps Cocktail Dress
The party will be a cocktail themed party. BTT Launching - Cocktail 2015, I guess. I still have to confirm that to the organizers. So, now I am browsing through Discount Cocktail Dresses of WeddingShe.com and here are some of my favorites.

Sexy Sheath Zipper-Up Ruffles Short Cocktail Dress

Elegant Straps Sweetheart A-Line Short Cocktail Dress

Sexy Column/Sheath Lace-Top Mini/Cocktail Dress

If I can't choose from the four cocktail dresses above, might as well get it all. There will be no regrets, for sure. Everything looks strikingly beautiful. If only I could, I would buy everything from WeddingShe.com.

Since it will just be a one night event, I think it would be wise and practical to brainstorm and choose the best one, wouldn't it? :)

If you are looking for cocktail dresses and other kinds of dresses this 2015, go and head to weddingshe.com. You will love all the dresses there, you have my word! :)

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